Verdant Blue

Live Friday 2nd December 9pm

Parker Vs Ruiz Jr

Saturday 10th December 7:30pm

Six Chairs Missing

Live Friday 9th December 9pm

Six Chairs Missing are a three-piece band from Palmerston North.
With over 50 combined years of musical experience and knowledge, these guys definitely know how to please an audience.
The foundation is set up by drummer Anthony MacDonald, whose solid grooves and 'in-the-pocket' style rhythms accenctuate the low end rumble of Adrian Dittmer on bass.
Adrians' wealth of experience in both jazz and original rock bands adds to the solid sound of the rhythm section, giving guitarist and lead vocalist, Matthew Hubbert, room to share his amazing guitaring and vocalist abilities with the public. Matthew himself has had over 20 years experience with the guitar and puts on a show you have to see to believe.
So come check these guys out live at the Sideline...


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